Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  3d-gussner 45500d2e29 Run `` in 3 years ago
  3d-gussner f23dd6bed4 Hard reset to prusa3d/mk3 and added changes 4 years ago
  Marek Bel 236dce0a0f Fix build time flash size check. 4 years ago
  Marek Bel fddf175b24 Use build environment which includes PrusaResearchRambo:avr:rambo board definition. 4 years ago
  DRracer 774f9b46ad update for the new board definition 4 years ago
  Marek Bel ec1a979656 Enable compiler warnings. 5 years ago
  Marek Bel 900ee0c5ef Update build environment to fix maximum flash size check. 5 years ago
  Marek Bel 2e1d576ccf Do not list build environment files being extracted on standard output. 5 years ago
  Marek Bel 38dacaf07a Automate secondary language support build. 5 years ago