Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Lee bdabfc5fcd Update local build script 1 week ago
  Kevin Lee 3b027867ca Bump motor current 1 week ago
  Kevin Lee 69d14eadfd Change hotend temperature sensor from T0 to T1 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Lee 0b8c8cf20a Added support for AD8495 K-type thermocouple amplifier 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Lee df88672a83 Tweak Y_MIN/MAX and homing for MGN12 rails 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee d56e47974d Bump X/Y/E motor current to fix infrequent skipping 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee 06c2543deb Update local auto-build script 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 51ef625854 Extend heatup safety timer to 60min 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 45c02d7b1f Bump flex preheat temperature 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee 7f163a4671 Increase delay before throwing extruder fan error 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee f996125914 Switch to LDO 0.9deg stepper for extruder 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee 106a422f2c Fix hardcoded filament load speeds 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee f93a64b501 Update LA calibration gcode files 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee e3f5e7a384 Fix temperature table for PT100 w/ amp 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee bde13dceb4 Disable bed temperature offset compensation 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee 7916d4eb65 Disable print fan monitoring 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 6bde4a236d Disable print fan check in self test 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 97ea4fcb69 Increase bed heater timeout to 20min 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee dfb41ec760 Minor bump to X_MIN_POS 6 months ago
  Kevin Lee fc31660351 Reduce fan blip time 7 months ago
  Kevin Lee 491fc0d4fb Dragon hotend changes 8 months ago
  Kevin Lee 86e37cfed1 Update preheat temps 8 months ago
  Kevin Lee b5abdcaac7 Minor fixes for flex filaments 9 months ago
  Kevin Lee 7760d19244 Gcode tests for LA 1.5 9 months ago
  Kevin Lee ed7bd8326b Fixed X_MAX_POS for cooling shroud 9 months ago
  Kevin Lee f7c972c26c Moved M600 position 10 months ago
  Kevin Lee 091a8f319a Improvements to M600 10 months ago
  Kevin Lee 5c7cd0693f Changed Z_MAX for extended Z holder 11 months ago
  Kevin Lee e6b8201d8a Add retract after filament load 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee b87910fd81 Reduced minimum first layer to 0.1mm 1 year ago