Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Lee a2827579db Disable Octoprint handling of SD card print cancel 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Lee 9b16e2e628 Disable TACH_1 fancheck on selftest 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Lee 693429e22b Update local build script 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee d6e1515149 Change hotend temperature sensor from T0 to T1 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 5216a501a9 Added support for AD8495 K-type thermocouple amplifier 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 5792ef20e4 Tweak Y_MIN/MAX and homing for MGN12 rails 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 7868dab859 Bump X/Y motor current to fix infrequent skipping 4 months ago
  Kevin Lee 6db9b2cd5c Update local auto-build script 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee fb4cb74e6d Extend heatup safety timer to 60min 4 months ago
  Kevin Lee 3d539be2e5 Bump flex preheat temperature 4 months ago
  Kevin Lee a5c39a0d4a Increase delay before throwing extruder fan error 4 months ago
  Kevin Lee eacc960aee Switch to LDO 0.9deg stepper for extruder 5 months ago
  Kevin Lee 95c3c59abf Fix hardcoded filament load speeds 5 months ago
  Kevin Lee 6fcc1171f8 Update LA calibration gcode files 5 months ago
  Kevin Lee 5527e8dac6 Fix temperature table for PT100 w/ amp 5 months ago
  Kevin Lee a2ca3014eb Disable bed temperature offset compensation 5 months ago
  Kevin Lee 97281b193a Disable print fan monitoring 5 months ago
  Kevin Lee b9f47ef086 Disable print fan check in self test 5 months ago
  Kevin Lee acd9ebb6fc Increase bed heater timeout to 20min 6 months ago
  Kevin Lee 49b728df6a Minor bump to X_MIN_POS 9 months ago
  Kevin Lee bcc55febf0 Reduce fan blip time 10 months ago
  Kevin Lee af04253005 Dragon hotend changes 10 months ago
  Kevin Lee 502cd71e48 Update preheat temps 10 months ago
  Kevin Lee 2d57982592 Minor fixes for flex filaments 11 months ago
  Kevin Lee ad7efcecad Gcode tests for LA 1.5 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee 361894fe36 Fixed X_MAX_POS for cooling shroud 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee c69f23c8bd Moved M600 position 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee 7694832b6d Improvements to M600 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee 2023408273 Changed Z_MAX for extended Z holder 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee 5650954039 Add retract after filament load 1 year ago