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How-to add a new language to Prusa Firmware

We will use Dutch as an example here.

Prepare Prusa Firmware

QR = palceholder for language in upper case

qr = placehodler for language in lower case

AB = palceholder for hexadecial

Files needs to be modified

  • ../Firmware/language.h

In section /** @name Language codes (ISO639-1)*/ add the new #define LANG_CODE_QR 0xABAB //!<'qr'following ISO639-1 convention for QR.

Example: #define LANG_CODE_NL 0x6e6c //!<'nl' where the hex value 0x6e6c is in ascii nl

  • ../Firmware/language.c

In section const char* lang_get_name_by_code(uint16_t code) add case LANG_CODE_NL: return _n("Language");


case LANG_CODE_NL: return _n("Nederlands"); Where Language is native spoken version, here Nederlands (Netherlands) or Vlaams (Belgium). This will be displayed on the LCD menu.

  • ../lang/

In section cat lang_add.txt | sed 's/^/"/;s/$/"/' | while read new_s; do add insert_qr "$new_s" 'qr'where qr

Example: insert_qr "$new_s" 'nl' with qr value nlfor Dutch

  • ../lang/

In section #returns hexadecial data for lang code add a case *qr*) echo '0x71\0x72'

Example: *nl*) echo '\x6c\x6e' ;; !!! IMPORTANT that the hex values are switched so 'nl' is here in 'ln' !!!

In generate "all" section add `generate_binary 'qr'

Example: generate_binary 'nl'

  • ../lang/

Add in help the new language qr

Example: From help="Check lang file (en|cs|de|es|fr|it|pl)") to help="Check lang file (en|cs|de|es|fr|nl|it|pl)")

  • In ../lang/

In section echo " started" >&2 add clean_lang qr

Example: clean_lang nl

  • ../lang/

In section # if 'all' is selected, script will generate all po files and also pot file add ./ qr


./ nl

In section # language name in english add *qr*) echo "Language-in-English" ;;

Example: *nl*) echo "Dutch" ;;

  • ../lang/

In section #replace in languages translation add new rule set for the language. As the LCD screen doesn't not support äöüßéè and other special characters, it makes sense to "normalize" these.


  #replace in dutch translation according to
  if [ "$LNG" = "nl" ]; then
   #replace 'ë' with 'e'
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xab/e/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ï' with 'i'
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xaf/i/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'é' with 'e'
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xa9/e/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'è' with 'e' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xa8/e/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ö' with 'o' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xb6/o/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ê' with 'e' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xaa/e/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ü' with 'u' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xbc/u/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ç' with 'c' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xa7/c/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'á' with 'a' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xa1/a/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'à' with 'a' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xa0/a/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ä' with 'a' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xa4/a/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'û' with 'u' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xbc/u/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'î' with 'i' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xae/i/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'í' with 'i' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xad/i/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ô' with 'o' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xb4/o/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ú' with 'u' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xba/u/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'ñ' with 'n' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xb1/n/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'â' with 'a' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\xa2/a/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
   #replace 'Å' with 'A' (left)
   sed -i 's/\xc3\x85/A/g' $LNG'_filtered.po'
  • ../lang/

In section #update _SEC_LANG in binary file if language is selected add

  if [ -e lang_qr.bin ]; then
   echo -n " Language-in-English  : " >&2
   ./ qr 2>./update_lang_qr.out 1>/dev/null
   if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then echo 'OK' >&2; else echo 'NG!' >&2; fi


  if [ -e lang_nl.bin ]; then
   echo -n " Dutch  : " >&2
   ./ nl 2>./update_lang_nl.out 1>/dev/null
  if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then echo 'OK' >&2; else echo 'NG!' >&2; fi

In section #create binary file with all languages add if [ -e lang_qr.bin ]; then cat lang_qr.bin >> lang.bin; fi


if [ -e lang_nl.bin ]; then cat lang_nl.bin >> lang.bin; fi

  • ../lang/

In section echo " started" >&2 add

  rm_if_exists firmware_qr.hex
  rm_if_exists update_lang_qr.out

Example: rm_if_exists firmware_nl.hex


rm_if_exists update_lang_nl.out

Prepare language part

To prepare the acutal language translation files we need create the lang_en_qr.txt file.

  1. Copy and lang_en.txt as lang_en_qr.txt
  2. run ../lang/
  3. copy ../lang/po/Firmware_qr.po file to ../lang/po/new/qr.po
  4. translate all messages using POEdit or other tools.
  5. use lang/ qr to generate lang_en_qr.txt from translated po files
  6. move ../lang/po/new/lang_en_qr.txt to ../lang/lang_en_qr.txt
  7. cleanup ../lang/po/new folder by deleting qr_filtered.po qr_new.po noasci.txt