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Bash script for automatically uploading JPG/PNG files to TinyPNG for image compression. Free for <500 images per month.

Pretty good service if you want minimally sized photos: my 100% quality JPEGs compressed to ~60% of their original size with only a slight decrease in overall sharpness. File size from Google's image compression from Google's pagespeed tool was smaller by ~10%, but the quality was noticeably lower in comparison. For my use case, I only compressed the resized photos and thumbnails used on the front page of my site to improve page load speed.

Uploaded files (from the running directory) are logged to avoid compressing the same file multiple times.


Compress all PNG files in a given subdirectory (and all subfolders):

./ subdirectory/ '*.png' 

Compress all JPG thumbnails in the current directory (and all subfolders):

./ . '*thumb*.jpg'