Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Lee 1f11c352bd Fixed DST code 1 week ago
  Kevin Lee 39ce26d4f9 Added rev. B and DST support 1 week ago
  Kevin Lee 435ae391e2 Tweaked solder paste layer 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Lee faca5ff95e Fixed dot/digit fading code 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Lee 4d19377469 Minor code fixes 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 6af7894634 Update '' 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee acd11352f2 Updated PCB screenshots 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 87da141d6a More minor fixes 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 536aab6b39 Minor fixes 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee de85233b00 Added UART breakout 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee c0c8ab5f2f Fixed minor silkscreen placement 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 998a0f3aaf Updated gerbers 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee ddb0593acc Changed CR1220 to CR1620 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee b5cfe392e2 Updated gerbers 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 2e2ab43dc6 Fixed Tag Connect pinout and bumped board revision 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 6562e93d42 Fixed CR1220 battery holder polarity 1 month ago
  Kevin Lee 65b1d44f69 Updated animation code 2 months ago
  Kevin Lee e51c6ad51f Improvements to refresh code 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 89e7a0a2c9 Enabled variable fade duration 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 5312133f5e Fixed bug on simultaneous updates 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee dfceb45691 Finished refresh functionality 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 5aef45af7a Finished clock functionality 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 3ce27ab192 Starting rewriting attempt 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee f843883332 Reduced LSE timeout 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 521a8dc93f Condensed some code logic 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 36a7423ed4 Rewrote refresh logic 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 153fb21bad Improved digit state tracking 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 852407bee6 Prelim support for refreshing digits 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 9d2e0bddfa Refactored constants 3 months ago
  Kevin Lee 9e6eef5789 Refactoring work 3 months ago