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  3d-gussner 779c8d0a78 Move `Dutch` language parts 3 years ago
  3d-gussner 38f8d419d7 Fix translation file and odd chars in `` 4 years ago
  3d-gussner 049cca297b Merge branch 'MK3' into MK3_Dutch 4 years ago
  D.R.racer 77c4720c8b Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/MK3' into translations-doc 4 years ago
  3d-gussner 9a7a909c6f Prepare adding new language 4 years ago
  DRracer 441e24acbd update translated UI texts 4 years ago
  DRracer 0c76ed3ba2 Merge branch 'translations-doc' into 3d-gussner-patch-3 4 years ago
  3d-gussner 47e1311d64 Added few German/French diacritical characters 4 years ago
  3d-gussner 2d4535af1f Added "All" argument and it is default in nothing is chosen 4 years ago
  Joshua Hoblitt 3f96dea4f9 make all shell scripts executable 5 years ago
  Robert Pelnar 77df13b600 Lang - import script fix - replace '\n' with space in all languages 5 years ago
  Robert Pelnar 382ef13b3c Lang - import script 5 years ago