Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Lee 1b5598b5ba Bump Z feedrate 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee a1aaff63f2 Increase pause filament retraction 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee 0a31b73e01 Tweak X/Y_POS for Bear 2.1 XYZ calibration 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee 3bb75ca883 Restore original Z_MAX with cooling shroud support 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee fad0d44bac Restore original X/Y_MIN/MAX for Bear 2.1 frame 1 year ago
  Kevin Lee 84603232b9 Disable TACH_1 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee bf6a6f9050 Update local build script 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 7be49171b4 Change hotend temperature sensor from T0 to T1 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee b951f913d0 Added support for AD8495 K-type thermocouple amplifier 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee fd38e94bd8 Tweak Y_MIN/MAX and homing for MGN12 rails 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 49c0910ac7 Bump X/Y motor current to fix infrequent skipping 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 611b6c62cd Update local auto-build script 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 9f95a2b7e4 Extend heatup safety timer to 60min 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee e011b6cefc Bump flex preheat temperature 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee ddb514ad02 Increase delay before throwing extruder fan error 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 1f0301125b Switch to LDO 0.9deg stepper for extruder 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 1eeaffa82f Fix hardcoded filament load speeds 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 61ff4852f5 Update LA calibration gcode files 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 0cb395a00d Fix temperature table for PT100 w/ amp 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 782b0c30d8 Disable bed temperature offset compensation 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 77f0f848c4 Increase bed heater timeout to 20min 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 1e3d54a994 Minor bump to X_MIN_POS 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee f8309d8584 Reduce fan blip time 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 103808ff0c Dragon hotend changes 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 8fdd9ab3a9 Update preheat temps 2 years ago
  Kevin Lee 4c875a914a Minor fixes for flex filaments 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee 8ff5e538ba Gcode tests for LA 1.5 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee dfc57c3d77 Fixed X_MAX_POS for cooling shroud 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee 141c8d0dab Moved M600 position 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee b71201a2c9 Improvements to M600 3 years ago