Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Lee bdeda995f4 Changed Z_MAX for extended Z holder 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee d15cf1e777 Add retract after filament load 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee 96070a1dbd Reduced minimum first layer to 0.1mm 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee f05d1f1896 Enabling PT100 w/ amp 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee 7fcb44c9bf Increase bed temperature hysteresis 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee 8568865a91 Bondtech modifications 3 years ago
  Kevin Lee 3b8219344c Removed periodic refreshes 3 years ago
  DRracer f5ca79926e Merge pull request #3141 from prusa3d/MK3_3.10.0 2 years ago
  D.R.racer 04de9c0c8a Version changed (3.10.0 build 4481) 2 years ago
  DRracer eaa6801849 Merge pull request #3136 from leptun/PFW-1225_fix_open_file_from_sd_wrong_file 2 years ago
  DRracer 80e248662c Merge pull request #3079 from 3d-gussner/PFW-1189 2 years ago
  3d-gussner fa134ee9f1 Update all po files 2 years ago
  DRracer 89386036e6 Merge pull request #3137 from leptun/PFW-1239_fix_M23_subroutine_issue 2 years ago
  D.R.racer 8e35ab0699 Looks like the last CZ message 2 years ago
  D.R.racer 6563a691ce ES missing translations 2 years ago
  Yuri D'Elia a5e40079e5 lang-check: optionally check for missing translations 2 years ago
  Yuri D'Elia a98bc1616a lang-check: add missing rulers 2 years ago
  Yuri D'Elia 8edecc911b lang-check: Fix comment indentation 2 years ago
  Yuri D'Elia 752d6c47f8 lang-check: use color names consistently 2 years ago
  Yuri D'Elia 27d64b03fa More missing Italian translations 2 years ago
  DRracer a3b392d96c Merge pull request #3130 from DRracer/move-alldata-2-end 2 years ago
  Voinea Dragos 8610d0a850 Do not allow M23 to run subroutines 2 years ago
  D.R.racer 759451c7e3 PL "Community made" 2 years ago
  3d-gussner b9ee74ba0e Update some French and Spanish missing translations 2 years ago
  3d-gussner 2580733439 Another missing Spanish translation 2 years ago
  DRracer 7c914ec2d1 Merge pull request #3125 from leptun/PFW-1238_fix_M105_from_SD 2 years ago
  3d-gussner 6b0e5ba387 Merge branch 'PFW-1189' of into PFW-1189 2 years ago
  3d-gussner 07cc28e1c9 Updated few missing French Spanish translations 2 years ago
  D.R.racer b77945263d IT temperatura 2 years ago
  D.R.racer eccb9bb9df PL 2 2 years ago